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International Students Contested in School Anthem Competition for First Time and Achieved Excellent Result

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A School Anthem Competition, with the theme of chanting the dream in Guilin Medical University and affection for China, was held at the Center for University Students’ Activities on the evening of November 28. Deputy Secretary of the University CPC committee, Qi Junbin, addressed before the competition started. President Lei Xun, Deputy Secretary Qi Junbin, as well as the heads and teachers of Office of Students’ Affairs, University Youth League Committee and all secondary colleges watched the competition.

As the first team to compete, 22 Pakistani students in costumes with ethnic characteristics stepped on the stage in astonishingly thunderous applause. They expressed love for their motherland and showed deep friendship between China and Pakistan with the song Motherland in My Heart and received warm applause.

In order to display international students artistic talents and attractiveness, College of International Education attached great importance to this competition by introducing a professional music teacher to guide them in their rehearsal. With the preparation for over one month, they lived up to all peoples expectation by impressive performance in the competition, which left all of the university a brand new understanding of the international students.


T he chorus competition provided the international students a stage to show themselves. Being contestants not only colored the international students life on campus, but also developed their sense of responsibility, honor and belonging towards Guilin Medical University