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Guilin Medical University Holds the 1st Meeting of Teaching Supervision Group for International Education

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On the afternoon of September 13, the 1st meeting of Teaching Supervision Group for International Education of GMU, was held and organized by College of International Education. Vice President Sun Li and the group members attended the meeting.

The meeting explained The Regulations on Teaching Supervision for International Education in GMU, and it confirmed the group members’ duties and the detailed requirements for the supervision work. Meanwhile, it pointed out that the establishment of the teaching supervision group for international students would help to improve the teaching quality system and the connotation construction of teaching management. Besides, the meeting summarized the previous supervision work of the group.

At the meeting, the group members respectively gave suggestions on the supervision work from different perspectives based on their own supervision work, and provided new ideas on the further implementation of the oncoming work.

Vice President Sun Li summed up the remarks of the supervisors. She agreed with their suggestions, put forward requests for the improvement of the international education and issued the appointment letters to the supervisors.

Written by: Song Xiaofeng; Photo by: Pan Yiqun; Reviewed by: Qin Tao; Translated by: Zhang Yuming; Reviewed by: Yang Yujun, Qin Tao

Vice President Sun Li (R) Issuing an Appointment Letter to the Supervision Member