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Doctors and Experts of Klinikum Bielefeld, Germany, Visit the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guilin Medical University for Academic Exchanges

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On September 21, a delegation of 4 experts of Klinikum Bielefeld, Germany, including Dr. Annette Willems visited the Second Affiliated Hospital of GMU for an academic exchange. Persons in-charge of the hospital led a team of experts to receive the guests.

At the meeting, the head of the Second Affiliated Hospital extended a warm welcome to the German professors and experts on behalf of the hospital and introduced in detail the hospital’s general conditions, medical technologies and construction. The German experts paid tribute to the hospital's achievements in just three years.

Bielefeld City Hospital, as a teaching hospital directly subordinate to the Faculty of Medicine of Münster University, has more than 2,600 medical staff, and over 1,300 sickbeds, with outpatients up to 84,000 person/time and inpatients up to 48,500 person/time yearly. Established in 1843, it is the first hospital in Bielefeld. The delegation of Dr. Annette Willems is from its key professional departments.

After the exchange meeting, the 4 German experts were divided into 3 groups to conduct exchanges of academic theories and clinical experience, with the directors and relevant medical staff in the inpatient areas in their respective corresponding departments of the Cerebral Apoplexy Department, Gastrointestinal Surgery Department and Breast and Thyroid Surgery. They conducted the exchanges with them through ward rounds and discussions about diseases hard to cure. Afterwards, all the three groups came to an operation room to observe the on-going surgery performed by Prof. Wang Haipeng, Director of the Gastrointestinal Surgery Department, and discussed the latest research achievements and surgery techniques in a warm academic atmosphere.

“The Second Affiliated Hospital of GMU has a beautiful environment, the first-class medical staff in technical levels, normative management of departments, high-level techniques in surgeries and minimally invasive surgeries, and many internationally-advanced equipment, which deeply impressed us,” said Dr. Annette Willems.

This exchange has introduced many advanced foreign clinical medical techniques, treatment concepts and procedures to the Second Affiliated Hospital of GMU and promoted academic exchanges between disciplines.  For another, it has deepened the mutual understandings between the medical staff of the hospital and their foreign counterparts, and helped the hospital to be in line with international standards as well. The experts taken part in the exchange will sort out their harvest, and combine with the department's current situation, national policies and other actual conditions to constantly improve the level of medical services, to provide patients with high-quality and humanized medical services.

Written / Photo by: The Publicity Section; Reviewed by: Chen Guojin; Translated by: Zhang Yuming; Reviewed by: Yang Yujun, Qin Tao